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BOYO Beetroots Strips Tangy Masala 150g Beetroots Strips Cream & Onion 150g Combo (Pack of 2) - Evening Snacks

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HEALTH BENEFITS: Beetroot provides a wide range of possible health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, improving digestion, and lowering the risk of diabetes. Beetroots contains wide range of nutrion like vitamic C, folate and essential nutrition which is beneficial for healthy body
CRUNCHY SNACKS: BOYO's beetroots strips vegetarian snacks -  zero preservatives , no artificial flavor and zero colors added. Natural 100% vegetarian product, best quality quinoa, finest quality of salt and edible vegetable oils
HEALTHY SNACKS: Naturally sweet and healthy high protein snacks which is Hygienically packed in can. This snacks is cholesterol free, trans fat free, gluten free, non-GMO, non-MSG, vegan friendly, diabetic friendly, kids friendly no added preservatives, colors or chemicals, no added sugar
LOW OIL FRIED: 70% lesser oil than deep fried snacks. Low temperature frying retains Vitamins, Texture, and color of the ingredient
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